Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day one on the trade show floor…pretty busy, actually, especially towards the end of the day. There seems to be a big international contingency here at the show, and many of them are infatuated by the campfire “flame” at the center of the CAMP InPark booth! I probably could have sold half a dozen of those flames today had I brought some to sell. Nonetheless, it brings people over to the booth to check out CAMP InPark, especially people that have not heard of the magazine before. This makes me happy.

TEA announced their Thea Award recipients for the year at their annual champagne gathering in their booth. Or, rather, TEA President Steve Thorburn read off the recipients and then those who couldn’t hear a thing because of the typical IAAPA din read the results on the subsequently handed out press release.

Visitors to the CAMP InPark booth have been encouraged to pose for a camp picture, which I am providing here for your (and hopefully, their!) enjoyment.