Wednesday, August 25, 2010

E&S Sells Over 200 Digistar Fulldome Digital Planetarium Systems

SALT LAKE CITY -- Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation (E&S)— announced Aug 24 that it has surpassed the 200 mark for Digistar fulldome digital planetarium systems sold to science centers, schools, universities and fulldome theaters worldwide. Including the original Digistar I and Digistar II digital planetarium systems over 300 Digistar systems have been sold. According to E&S these numbers make Digistar the most successful digital planetarium product in the world.

Digistar 4 is the latest generation of the original Digistar star projector. Introduced in 1983, Digistar leveraged the pioneering real time computer graphics technology E&S developed for the simulation industry. Now, Digistar 4 with its open architecture and intuitive, powerful user interface offers a multitude of exciting new features for Digistar users.

Scott Niskach, Director of International Sales for E&S said, “Our users have been thrilled with the new user interface and its intuitive drag-and-drop controls. This gives first-time users quick access to all the system features and allows presenters to interact with audiences instinctively without having to learn a complicated set of commands.”

The annual Digistar Users Group conference will be held Sept 22-25 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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