Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bristol Zoo Gardens hosts 13th Annual BIAZA Research Symposium 6-7 July

Message from BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums):

"Bristol Zoo Gardens is delighted to be hosting the 13th Annual BIAZA Research Symposium! Situated on the northern edge of Bristol in the West of England, this urban zoo is within easy reach by public transport from other parts of the UK and Eire, and the rest of Europe. Through our sister organisation, the Bristol Conservation Science Foundation, we undertake original research to provide insights to guide conservation action. We have a strong track record in conservation-related research, both ex situ and in situ, including pure and applied behavioural studies, nutrition, veterinary research, and visitor studies.

"The Symposium will include a mixture of oral and poster presentations, and we welcome abstract submissions from zoo staff, students and academic researchers, on all types of zoo and aquarium research, whether animal-, plant-, or visitor-related.

"The theme for our workshop this year is “Ethics and Legislation” which will encourage discussion of topics such as the need for Home Office HO licences, ethics in visitor research, data protection and intellectual property, implications of research results on husbandry ethics etc. These will be led by experts in the respective fields.

"Guidelines resulting from our previous workshops can be found on the Research pages of the BIAZA website, http://www.biaza.org.uk/, and several more in this series are due to be published in the coming months.

"This two-day Symposium will give students, academics and zoo staff the chance to showcase their research, and to learn more from each other about the scientific work being done by and in other zoos and aquaria. Coffee breaks, poster sessions and a social evening will also provide an all-important chance for delegates to network and mingle with other researchers.

On the following pages, please find the Call for Papers, details on Registration for the Symposium and the social event and preliminary information on Travel and Accommodation."