Monday, April 25, 2011

Jeff Hensley's proposed Bon Temps theme park in Louisiana

concept art: Steve Perry

"So, what's Coming?
  • A 170-acre Theme Park with over 30 exciting Rides, Stunt Shows, and Entertainment.  Not to mention incredible food.
  • An awesome Mall area featuring some of the best restaurants, family entertainment, and Night Clubs in Louisiana.  It will include a state-of-the-art Movie Theater, an incredible new laser tag type game, and Family style mini Bowling Alley. 
  • a 600+ room Hotel Resort.
  • A brand new RV Park.
  • A Championship Golf Course
  • and a Convention Center
"Where is the park going to be? 
Currently we have a few different spots where we want to put the park.  All I can say is, we will build in Houma, and we will make an extreme effort to build the park away from residential areas.
"When will you open the Park? 
We are way too early to set an opening date.  There are still way too many factors and variables that can make this project take a little while longer than we want.
"Why build in Houma? 
Again, we've done our homework here.  Houma is one of the fastest growing cities in Louisiana.  This makes it a prime location to put the park.
"Why not rebuild Jazzland? 
Jazzland, we believe was not the best location for a Theme Park.  Theme Parks seem to do a lot better in middle-class areas.  In addition, Jazzland's confusing get-off-this-freeway, -get-on-this-freeway location, made it too confusing for most.
"Are you just going to be buying-up the old Jazzland rides? 
No way!  We will be purchasing new rides and shows from the top companies in their professions.  We look to have 4 different roller coasters, a planetarium, an entire western town, a pirate village, as well as a state-of-the-art 3,000 - 4,000 seat amphitheater. We've done our best to make sure we are not duplicating any ride from any local amusement park or traveling carnival. 
"Will the Theme Park shut down during the winter? 
Nope.  We plan on opening the park for Family fun year-round!"
A May 15 update and analysis from click here.