Friday, April 22, 2011

Tourists Turn to Las Vegas For More Than Just Gambling

A new visitor survey has revealed that older travellers are booking holidays to Las Vegas, and that they are doing much more than just gambling, say Beat the Brochure.

ROMFORD, England, /PRNewswire/ -- The results of a new visitor survey in Las Vegas have revealed some surprising results about the people that visit the city, and what they get up to whilst they're on holiday there. The Visitor Profile Study, which questioned 3,600 people, was undertaken by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, has discovered that the average age of a holidaymaker on the Las Vegas strip is much older than previously thought, say Beat the Brochure.

Daniel Ox of Beat The Brochure says: "The Visitor Profile Study has revealed that the average age of a visitor in Las Vegas is 49, more than half of all tourists have a college degree, have a household income of $40,000 and that nearly 80% of visitors are married. While this may not sound too surprising, what's really interesting about this survey is that while the number of tourists to Vegas grew by 1% in February to nearly 2.9 million people, which is 1% more than the same time last year.  However, the same survey has also shown that the number of tourists gambling in the city fell by 7%, which shows that more people are opting to do other activities whilst they're on holiday in Vegas."

According to the research by the LVCVA, while some visitors spent 4.5 days on holiday in Las Vegas and visited six casinos, more tourists were able to spend more time away from the casinos, with the attendance at paid attractions rising 20%, which was up from 16% in 2009, with the average spend on food and drink rose from $250 to $257, and the average amount spent on shopping increased from $103 to $123.

Ox continues: "Vegas is known around the world as the place to go for gambling, drinking and partying, but the figures supplied by the LVCVA show that more people on holiday in Las Vegas are choosing to shun the casinos and instead to focus on the many other attractions and activities that are available in Vegas, which shows that there is much more to this unique city than just gambling."  

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