Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Than an Airport Terminal: Incheon Airport Fascinates Travellers with the Cultureport Campaign
Diverse cultural events entertain passengers at Incheon Airport year round

INCHEON, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Incheon Airport announces that the passengers will be able to enjoy the diverse range of art and cultural events all year round in its revamped Cultureport campaign, starting from June 30. With the slogan, “Flying with Culture,” the Cultureport campaign is set to change the scene at the airport by providing the unprecedented cultural experience to its passengers through a variety of events and performances, ranging from Korean traditional, classic and popular music to exhibitions and fashion shows.

Under the campaign, regular cultural programs, previously held for three seasons in 2010, will be extended to five seasons a year, showcasing colorful events on a daily basis. Some highlights in the program include traditional and contemporary Korean cultural performances as well as the international ones, such as traditional Korean percussion music, b-boy dance, electronic classical artist group and Latin jazz band. In addition, from this July to June next year, daily cultural events will be hosted at the Millennium Hall (1F) and the Departure floor (3F) all day long, offering excitement for everyone at the airport. Families and couples visiting the airport for their summer vacation in July and August can also enjoy worldclass performances, such as Africa Mandingo (African traditional performance), “Tropical Summer” with Los Amigos and a capella.

CW Lee, President and CEO of Incheon Airport, said “Incheon Airport has been globally recognized for its outstanding service standard. Now, we are trying to create a unique attraction for travellers from all over the world where they can experience and enjoy different cultures: traditional and modern, East and West." Mr. Lee added "As we strive to provide the world's leading service to our passengers in every aspect, I believe these efforts in our Cultureport campaign will give another reason for international travellers to consider transit at Incheon Airport and encourage them to visit the country.”

Since 2008, Incheon Airport has embarked on the process of transforming itself into a Cultureport and begun developing a number of museums and galleries for passengers to explore along with Korea’s arts, music and cultural performances. The Korean Cultural Experience, developed in partnership with the Cultural Heritage Foundation, offers visitors a unique opportunity to make their own hand-made traditional Hanji fans and play Korean traditional instruments. Also, in the Korea Culture Museum, passengers are able to take a glance into Korea's past, showcasing Korea's famous ceramic work and a Buddhist temple bell.