Friday, July 29, 2011

Two Korean Waterparks Expand for Summer Season

DaeMyung Vivaldi Ocean World and Samsung Everland Caribbean expand with a Family PythonTM and AquaLoopsTM

Two of Korea's world-renowned waterparks DaeMyung Vivaldi Ocean World and Samsung Everland Caribbean Bay both expand this summer with support from WhiteWater, global leader in waterpark design, engineering, manufacturing and installation.

DaeMyung Vivaldi Ocean World expands with the world's first Family PythonTM, a member of the MEGAtubeTM Series. The Family Python TMgives riders an intense adrenaline-rush, swallowing them whole into its colossal 6.1 meter (20-foot) enclosed MEGAtube TMsections.

Exhilarating up-and-down oscillations provide entertainment for both riders and spectators. A tower combines two attractions: the
WhizzardTM Mat Racer and the Family PythonTM, providing a visually-stunning addition to the waterpark's topography of attractions including a Family BoomerangoTM,Master Blaster®, AquaPlay Giant RainFortessTM, AquaPlayTM AP1050, Surf Wave Pool and other thrillers.

Samsung Everland Caribbean Bay has also recently completed its third expansion since its 1995 opening with the addition of 4 eye-catching AquaLoopsTM. These near-vertical loops are completely translucent due to their SilkTekTM fiberglass bodies. The AquaLoopsTM reach high speeds, accelerating to 60 kph/ 40 mph and 2.5g in only 6.5 seconds.

Custom-themed to match its tropical theme and offering dramatic lighting for late-night-sliding, Caribbean Bay's 4 dueling AquaLoopsTM join a host of WhiteWater attractions including a Master Blaster® Complex, Family BoomerangoTM,Family Raft Ride, Surf Wave Pool and more.

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