Thursday, January 19, 2012

Big Splash at Kiwi Springs

Courtesy Fairy Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park
Fairy Springs, Rotorua, New Zealand (January 20, 2012) -- In keeping with the park's conservation theme, the Big Splash is a nine-minute long journey through time that features an informative narrative, state-of-the-art animation bringing to life dinosaurs, moa and the haast eagle, and an adrenalin boosting plunge at the end.

The $10+ million dollar project - which also includes a new 384-seat, free-flight bird show auditorium - is the largest single investment made in the park since it opened in 1932.

Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park General Manager Michelle Caldwell says, "The ride is designed to inform park visitors, as well as entertain, and is a highly interactive experience. It will make people sit up and take a reflective look about how precious our environment is and the wildlife that inhabits it, conservation is a key message."

Big Splash is a fitting addition to Rainbow Springs wildlife park, which has a strong conservation role as a tuatara breeder and New Zealand's largest hatcher of brown kiwi chicks. The ride is expected to be a major draw-card for Rotorua, giving international and local visitors an exciting and unique insight into New Zealand history and culture.

The free-flight bird show auditorium will feature a flock of exotic birds who are currently being trained, their first public show is due to take flight within the next two months.

Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park is an icon of New Zealand tourism and has been open since 1932. Spread over 22 acres of Rotorua parkland, Rainbow Springs is a conservation and breeding haven for endangered New Zealand species such as Kiwi and tuatara. The park offers a unique wildlife experience for visitors, who can see animals in their natural environment, both during the day and night. Features of the award winning tourist attraction include New Zealand’s first ‘open to view’ Kiwi hatchery, and a range of wildlife including trout, tuatara and native birds.