Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mummies of the World Breaks Records at Discovery Place

Charlotte, NC, USA (January 17, 2012) -- Since opening at Discovery Place on Nov. 11, 2011, Mummies of the World has attracted 50,000 visitors in 50 short days, drawing guests from all across the United States. Attendees have traveled from as far as Alaska, Hawaii, California and Washington State — even Canada and the United Kingdom — to experience the groundbreaking exhibition on display in Charlotte.

The continued success of the exhibition is proving to be a tremendous draw for the museum, bringing in visitors from all over the country and beyond to experience the collection which is making one of only seven U.S. appearances in Charlotte.

And, Charlotte has welcomed the mummies. Following a highly-successful opening weekend at Discovery Place that saw thousands of visitors, the public’s response and intrigue for Mummies of the World has grown. To accommodate holiday crowds, Discovery Place extended its hours Dec. 26 to 30 to allow more families and vacationers the chance to experience the exhibition, which attracted thousands during that week alone.

“We are thrilled with the exhibition’s continued success in Charlotte,” said Marc Corwin, president of American Exhibitions, Inc. “The milestones we are able to achieve are proof that real mummies intrigue the general public and are a dynamic draw for the cities and venues in which they are exhibited. We are pleased to see that the exhibition continues to generate attendance and buzz in every market we travel to.”

Mummies of the World will be on display at Discovery Place through April 8, 2012.

Mummies of the World was developed by American Exhibitions, Inc., in association with the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums (REM). For more information: www.mummiesoftheworld.com.