Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sea Life Kansas CIty Begins Filling Tanks Jan 24

Kansas City, MO, USA -- Sea Life Kansas City Aquarium will have some help from Kansas City area kids as they start to fill their Ocean Tank with water from the Missouri River and the Crown Center fountains on Tuesday, January 24.  The kids will dump buckets that have Missouri River water and water from the fountains into the 13 foot deep Ocean Tank.  Following the ceremonial bucket dump, the real filling of the Ocean Tank will begin.

The Ocean Tank holds 130,000 gallons of water and will take about two days to fill.  The water is recycled and passed through a comprehensive filtration system every 60 to 90 minutes.  The filtration consists of mechanical sand filtration, protein skimming, UV sterilization and biological filtration.

Sea Life Kansas City Aquarium, a Merlin Entertainments attraction, will house more than 30 display tanks in 12 different habitat zones for more than 5,000 creatures including those native to the Missouri River.

Sea Life Kansas City is currently scheduled to open April 16, 2012.  www.visitsealife.com/kansas-city