Friday, April 27, 2012

MediaMation Exclusive Reseller of RealD PRO CrystalEyes Active 3D Glasses

Las Vegas, NV, USA -- MediaMation, Inc, an interactive attraction technology company that specializes in 3D/4D/5D turnkey attraction theaters utilizing their X4D Motion EFX seating, has signed on as the exclusive reseller for RealD PRO CrystalEyes 4s 3D active eyewear in the United States, Canada, and Mexico; and as an authorized reseller for South America, Central America and Australia.

“MediaMation provides the service required by professional users. Their sales, installation and support expertise throughout a variety of industries allows MediaMation to be uniquely positioned and best represent RealD products for professional applications,” stated Kevin Faul, RealD’s Vice President of Business Development. “RealD is the highest quality digital 3D technology offered by MediaMation. Our deepening relationship allows us to better serve our customers with options for any digital 3D installation,” remarked Alison Jamele, MediaMation’s President.

RealD PRO CrystalEyes 4s 3D Active Eyewear is an accessory for 3D displays that enables users to view 3D content. The eyewear incorporates RealD’s industry leading, high contrast lenses into a stylish and comfortable, lightweight eyewear frame. The eyewear is designed to work with frame sequential 3D content displayed on 3D displays with an IR emitter.

RealD PRO designed its new CrystalEyes 4s to offer the best 3D graphics in active stereo technology. The all-new CE 4s eyewear is lighter, more comfortable, and performance-accelerated for the most demanding all-day use. Building on CE 3’s reliability, CE 4s will not cause eye-strain from flicker, and is not prone to synch signal interference from ambient light. Over-molded rubber arms are spring-loaded for optimal comfort and still fit over prescription glasses.

CrystalEyes 4s work with all RealD Pro StereoGraphics IR Emitters, also sold by MediaMation, to include: EXXR Emitter - long range infrared emitter, ELR2 Emitter - medium range infrared emitter, E2 Emitter - short range infrared emitter, and ZNT cable - VESA to BNC cable.

Active eyewear, or shutter eyewear is used to enable stereo 3D viewing when synchronized to a compatible display. Stereoscopic 3D recreates the way we naturally see by creating perceived-depth on a flat (2D) surface. Fast-response opacity in each lens and liquid crystal quality determines 3D image clarity. RealD Pro has developed the optimal features for the best Stereo3D™ image clarity. RealD Pro products have been used for over 30 years by professional users including NASA, Boeing, BMW, DreamWorks, Disney and many others that integrate cutting-edge technology, for product and content development, in Stereo3D™.

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About MediaMation  

MediaMation, Inc. is an interactive attraction technologies company and a worldwide, leading supplier and manufacturer of 3D/4D/5D motion EFX theaters and seats. For over twenty years the company has designed and implemented creative solutions for theme parks, museums, science centers, aquariums, FEC’s, and interactive rides, shows and exhibits based on their award-winning software and hardware products. MediaMation’s 20+ year of experience ranges from integration, audio/video, lighting, robotics, motion simulation and computer control to innovative engineering involving show action and control.