Monday, April 2, 2012

Technomedia Announces Proprietary 3D Audio Technology

Orlando, FL, USA (April 2, 2012) /PRNewswire/ -- Technomedia Solutions announced today it has successfully completed development of a new audio technology that delivers a true "3D" audio experience through a range of environments from headphones to large venues. The technology, known as "4D:360" evolved over years as Technomedia's founders delivered Academy Award winning sound for film and media for various attractions and theme park rides around the world. It delivers sound dimensions that match the visual images experienced in 3D films, attractions, and building projection mapping. Components of the new technology were introduced over time on Terminator 2:3D, Mazda Experience, Hidden Dragon for Richard Crane, Daytona Experience, a "wizard worthy" 3D ride experience, and other groundbreaking attractions at world renowned theme parks in Florida and around the globe.

Over the past year, the Technomedia team finalized its concept for the technology and finalized its patent. The Company intends to offer the technology exclusively for a period of three years and license it for outside use and development in early 2015. True 3D audio effects have proved elusive for a number of developers because they require an enhancement beyond traditional stereo projection of audio to create the illusion of sound from all directions, including above and below, and at different distances. Technomedia's breakthrough is differentiated because it does not require the placement of multiple speakers in a matrix or around the listener and can deliver the 3D audio experience even through headphones.

Morgan Scopetto, Technomedia's Vice President of Business Development, remarked, "The persistence and dedication applied to this project over the years is a testament to the passion and devotion we share for delivering unparalleled products and performance for our customers. What is possible out of a pair of speakers on a blockbuster ride as we did for Universal is truly revolutionary."

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