Wednesday, May 9, 2012

VIDEO: "The Turtle" and Other Highlights of Yeosu Expo 2012

Yeosu, South Korea (May 9, 2012) -- The United Arab Emirates has been making films to show at World Expositions for many years. In 2008 its film 24/7, depicting a day and night in the life of the UAE, was instrumental in its pavilion winning a BIE Gold Medal. In 2010 the iconic dune-shaped pavilion that represented the UAE at Shanghai's World Expo created a memorable experience for almost 2 million visitors, a sample of whom voted it as 'the most popular pavilion at EXPO 2010'. Two of the films shown at EXPO 2010 went on to win gold medals at the New York Film Festival. The new films made for EXPO 2012, including the main feature "The Turtle," follow a strong tradition of quality and integrity, breaking new ground in terms of their style and 'message'. Photo courtesy UAE Pavilion at Expo 2012.  Below is a trailer for "The Turtle," along with other highlights of Expo 2012.