Thursday, August 23, 2012

Centaman Launches Newest Generation Controller For Enterprise Software

 Auckland, New Zealand -- As part of their enhancements for the access control module of the Centaman Enterprise software solution Centaman has launched the new, fifth generation, controller - the Touch.

The Touch is a dedicated intelligent controller that provides the interface between Centaman Enterprise and any access control point such as a door, turnstile, or boom gate. The Touch has options for built-in RFID and Bar code readers and also offers integration with biometric readers.

The Touch features full colour display which is used to instruct users how to use the access control point to simplify the entry process.  The Touch Screen can run intuitive animated graphics and provide text based instructions for a better user experience.

The Touch sits on the user’s network and features power over Ethernet (POE) to power itself and a RFID & Bar code reader. The Touch also offers the ability for remote login for easy configuration, diagnostics and ongoing support.

“The Touch is an exciting new development for Centaman.” said Michael Bystram, head of access control at Centaman. “It enables us to effectively deploy access control at any point in a customer’s facility be it at a turnstile, a door or a boom gate. The colour display intuitively guides, even first time, users through the entry process speeding up throughput, reducing queuing times and providing a better user experience. The power over Ethernet function simplifies deployment and the remote diagnostics option enables our 24/7 support desk to provide faster and better support to our customers.”

Centaman Systems Pty Limited has been in operation since 1991 supplying, developing and supporting Ticketing and Venue Management systems in Australia, New Zealand and Worldwide to the Leisure, Tourism, Education and Government markets.  CENTAMAN has a substantial team behind it and 7 offices throughout Australia, New Zealand and United States ensuring that they have the resources to deal with the major projects and installations.