Monday, August 6, 2012

ITALYINNOVA organizes greenbuilding conference in Suzhou, China, 12 October

Message from ITALYINNOVA:

"ITALYINNOVA is proud to present “Green & Sustainable Construction”, the very first bridge to China for the best European technologies and best practices in the field of construction, building technologies, sustainable building materials and components.

"As the level of urbanisation in China has exceeded 50% and is in rapid development (*), China plans to become a leader in the global green building industry to guarantee future generations’ harmonious development.

"On the other side, Europe’s R&D in this sector has given to European companies a clear competitive advantage with highly sophisticated and advanced technologies, combined with unique taste and design. Although it’s getting more accessible, still the Chinese market is yet strictly regulated and hard for foreign companies to enter. This conference aims to give a very first support to those companies who are considering China in their future growth strategy."

Conference topics include:
  • Chinese regulation on urbanisation & industrial sustainable development
  • Green building programmes of Suzhou City (around 15 million people area)
  • How to apply for the bid?
  • How to cooperate with the Chinese partner?
  • How to anticipate legal and financial controversies?
  • Successful case histories (both Chinese and foreign)
  • Business-to-Business meeting with Chinese Real Estate companies
More information: