Friday, August 31, 2012

Six Flags St Louis Adding Boomerang Coaster in 2013

Eureka, MO, USA (Aug. 30, 2012) /PRNewswire/ -- Six Flags St. Louis today announced plans to add a new steel coaster, Boomerang, to the park's already extensive line-up of thrills. In 2013,Boomerang will become the park's ninth coaster, bringing a new experience to guests with its unique combination of thrill elements. Six Flags St. Louis is currently home to more roller coasters than any other theme park in Missouri.

Boomerang combines a mix of twists, turns and loops unlike any other coaster experience at the park. The 28-passenger trains are pulled up 125 feet backward to the top of the first lift hill and then released to shoot out through the 1,650 feet of track at up to 50 mph. Guests will sail through a half loop, then into a right half cork screw, a left half cork screw and finally another half loop. And just when guests think they are done, the trains fly through a full loop before climbing a second lift hill. Staying true to its name, Boomerang takes guests full circle to where they began sweeping through the spirals, loops, twists and turns again.

"Six Flags St. Louis has been Missouri's Coaster Capital for many years," said Dave Roemer, Six Flags St. Louis park president. "In 2013 Boomerang will not only strengthen that position and our thrilling coaster line-up, but give our guests more twists and turns to scream about!"

Boomerang is scheduled to open spring 2013 in the Illinois section of the park.

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