Friday, September 28, 2012

Floriade 2022 World Horticultural Exhibition to Take Place in Almere

Aalsmeer, The Netherlands -- The Dutch city of Almere has been chosen to host Floriade 2022.  The Netherlands Horticulture Council has determined that Almere has a very good and well developed plan that was submitted under the name "Green Growing Cities," a combination of land and water and of city and countryside. The plan has a solid financial foundation with relatively little risk.

The design of Almere will be realized in the weather and water, a pond on the one side adjacent to the center on the other side to the A6 motorway. The plan is compact and stems from the planned development of Almere based prominently on the Green City philosophy. This is a theme that fits the innovative power of horticulture and a concept that is seen as a development path for all cities worldwide. Almere is part of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and benefits from the metropolitan atmosphere of the city of Amsterdam.

The Floriade will be a district in Almere, which will remain as a natural, recreational and cultural park, where small and large scale events will take place. The Floriade is an investment in the future of the city of Almere, both for its residents and businesses. For international visitors, the Floriade in Almere will join the city's unique location at seabed level as a unique selling point, illustrating the combination of water with urban development, infrastructure and green. This provides additional opportunities for the Netherlands and the Floriade gives it an extra dimension.

The plan for the Floriade in Almere will be organized with the full support of Almere, and also that of other municipalities in Flevoland province, research institutions, governments and industry.

Dutch Horticultural Council
Founded in 1908, the Dutch Horticultural Council is one of the longest active horticultural organizations in the Netherlands. Officially, the Dutch Horticultural Council to aim for at home and abroad the image of Dutch horticulture promotion, and marketing of horticultural products to support. The Dutch Horticultural Council aims to achieve this by organizing a world horticultural exhibition Floriade. This exhibition is held once every ten years. In 1960, the first Floriade held in Rotterdam, then followed Amsterdam (1972 and 1982), The Hague / Zoetermeer (1992), Haarlemmermeer (2002) and Venlo (2012).

Floriades have received international recognition from the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) and the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH).