Thursday, November 15, 2012

Disney Parks Teases Dragons Through Viral Campaign

by Joe Kleiman, IPM News Editor

Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA (November 15, 2012) -- Yesterday, Disney Parks and Resorts inaugurated a viral campaign via the Disney Parks Blog and social media sites Tumblr, facebook, youtube, and twitter, surrounding dragon sightings in the Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland.

Included in the campaign is this blurry video of a possible "dragon" in flight:

The video resembles a patent awarded to Disney last month for an ultralight-type vehicle shaped like a dinosaur with flapping wings.
A prototype was photographed in June over the Central California town of Shaftner, fourteen miles north of Bakersfield.  According to the Bakersfield Californian, one eyewitness reported, "It breathes fire and the mouth opens and closes."  The prototype was also reported to have a fifteen-foot wide wingspan.

At the time, the patent and prototype were speculated by a number of Disney fan sites to be designs for the Avatar-themed lands announced for Florida's Animal Kingdom and Disney's international parks.

IPM News will continue to report on this development over the next few months.