Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ryan Miziker joins Rhythm & Hues Special Projects Division

Ryan Miziker is currently Project Director with the Rhythm & Hues Special Projects Division headed by Charlotte Huggins. The division was set up by Huggins to focus on media-based attractions for museums, theme parks, world expos and other special venue locations. Miziker's role is to coordinate the media with the built environment. "Media is part of nearly every production nowadays," remarks Miziker, "and it's my job to help make it a seamless, credible guest experience."

Ryan has worked previously as a producer, concept writer, project manager and creative director with such companies as The Hettema Group, Universal Studios Singapore, Landmark Entertainment Group, Daniel Flannery Productions and Miziker Entertainment Group.

Miziker reports that R&H is actively developing several projects in China and the Middle East that will be announced soon. He sees a strong future for out-of-home entertainment and loves the challenge of creating custom special venue attractions. "You produce the entire movie and make sure it works exactly right for the theater, which can be quite complex. And with location-based entertainment, the customer has to go there. They have to experience it in person. Creating such a project requires original thinking and creative solutions."

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